24 April 2012 - Cancer Risk & Lifestyle Choices

At this meeting members discussed research, funded by Cancer Research UK and published in the British Journal of Cancer last December, which found that 40% of cancers in women and 45% of cancers in men could be prevented by a healthier lifestyle. As with many public health issues, this research raises the issue of whether the Government's “nudge” approach to promoting healthy lifestyles is sufficient or whether it needs to adopt much tougher measures to combat some of the risk factors associated with common cancers. In a world where our choices are framed by external influences how can we best help people to take responsibility for their own health and accept that contracting cancer is not simply a matter of fate?

The guest speakers were: Sarah Lyness, the Executive Director of Policy and Information for Cancer Research UK (CRUK); Dr Kate Allen, the Director Science & Communications for World Cancer Research Fund International; and Claire McDonald, Behaviour Change Lead, London Health Programmes.


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