Front of pack nutrition labelling on food

Venue House of Lords

Nutrition labelling on food is an issue that the Forum has regularly returned to over the last few years but the intensity of the debate has picked up as the implications for health, and especially for tackling obesity, have become more apparent. Approximately 80% of food products sold in the UK already have some form of front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labelling, but different companies use different schemes and some consumers find them confusing. This meeting provided an opportunity for members to discuss the key issues involved in attempting to establish a consistent scheme that will have the voluntary support of the food industry and provide clear and consistent information to consumers. The guest speakers were: Professor Mike Kelly, Director of the Centre of Public Health, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; and Dr Judith Bryans, Director of The Dairy Council.


Meeting documents

Professor Mike Kelly - January 2013 (4,013k)

Minutes - meeting 22 January 2013 (93k)

Dr Judith Bryans - January 2013 (734k)

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