FHF Conference 2013: Healthy Eating & a Lifecourse Approach to Health

Venue House of Commons

The Forum held a half-day conference on 16 October to discuss healthy eating and a lifecourse approach to health. The expert guest speakers gave members a fascinating overview of recent research covering: epigenetics; foetal and maternal nutrition and the origin of diabetes; how a healthy diet through life can protect us against non-communicable diseases; the benefits of nutritional supplementation and exercise for older people; links between diet and Alzheimer’s disease; and links between intermittent fasting, health and longevity. The speakers shed light on the extent to which early life exposures can alter epigenetic processes, with major long term consequences for human growth and function; as well as the role diet, exercise and fasting can play in preserving our health through life. The full conference report and the slides used by some of our guest speakers are available below.


Epigenetics and healthy life chances - Keith Godfrey, Professor of Epidemiology & Human Development, University of Southampton and NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre


Foetal and maternal nutrition and the origins of diabetes - Caroline Fall, Professor of International Paediatric Epidemiology, University of Southampton & Consultant in Child Health


A lifecourse approach to healthy eating: balancing wear and tear - Dr Paul Clayton, Research Director, Medical Nutrition Matters


Recent evidence on the benefits of nutritional supplementation & exercise for older people - Dr Alan Dangour, Senior Lecturer, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


Diet and Alzheimer’s disease - green tea and red wine - Nigel Hooper, Professor of Biochemistry at Leeds University


Intermittent Fasting, health and longevity - Dr Michael Mosley, journalist, physician and television presenter


Meeting documents

Professor Keith Godfrey - presentation slides (1,896k)

Professor Caroline Fall (3,942k)

Dr Paul Clayton (3,133k)

Dr Alan Dangour (3,221k)

Professor Nigel Hooper (2,325k)

FHF Conference 2013 - Healthy Eating & a Lifecourse Approach to Health (249k)

Archived meeting documents