FHF Conference - The Ethics of Food Policy

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The Forum held a half-day conference on 23 October to discuss the ethics of food policy. The revelation in 2013 that horsemeat had been discovered in “beef” products sold in the UK and other EU Member States prompted widespread concern about the ethics of the food industry, and its treatment of customers, and led to a significant loss of trust on the part of consumers. Trust is an important issue for all businesses, but the values of the food industry have also been challenged by some campaigners who argue that it puts the pursuit of profit before the long term interests of its customers, especially in terms of their health. This conference gave members a chance to explore these and related issues in the company of a panel of expert speakers. We were delighted that Peter Montagnon, Associate Director of the Institute of Business Ethics; Dan Crossley, Executive Director of the Food Ethics Council; Helen Crawley, Director of First Steps Nutrition Trust; Mark Linehan, Managing Director of the Sustainable Restaurants Association; and Henry Ashworth, Chief Executive of the Portman Group; all agreed to speak to members on this occasion. The full conference report and the slides used by some of our guest speakers are available below

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FHF Conference Report 2014 (264k)

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