Paleo diet, human microbiome & healthier processed foods

Time 11 Oct 2016 15:30-17:00
Venue Committee Room 2a, House of Lords

On 11 October members met to discuss the “Paleo” diet, EU funded research on the practical scope for developing healthier processed foods and the way in which our genes and microbiome contribute to our individual response to food, including weight gain. The guest speakers were Dr John Briffa; Professor Tim Spector of Kings College, London; and Dr Christian Salles, Co-ordinator of the TeRiFiQ research project, INRA, France.

Meeting documents

FHF Minutes - Paleo diet, the human microbiome & healthier processed food (October 2016) (59k)

Slides - Dr John Briffa (670k)

Slides - Professor Tim Spector (4,154k)

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