PHE progress report on sugar reduction campaign & next steps

Time 22 May 2018 17:00-18:30
Venue Committee Room 2a, House of Lords

On 22 May the Forum held a meeting to discuss Public Health England’s (PHE)’s progress report (appendix) for the sugar reduction programme, which challenges food companies to cut 20% of sugar from the range of products which contribute most to the sugar in children’s diet by 2020, with a 5% reduction in the first year. The meeting could not have been more timely because the report was published the same day. We were delighted to welcome Victoria Targett, PHE Team Leader, Dietary Improvement, as one of our guest speakers alongside Liam Trow of Burton’s Biscuits and Vyas Adhikari of Oxford University. Liam Trow provided a very helpful insight into the practical difficulties which some parts of the food industry face in reformulating food to reduce its sugar content. Vyas Adhikari spoke about new research on sugar levels in drinks over the last 5 years; a food database which is tracking the nutritional data of all products available in the major supermarkets and modelling work being done on the health impact of successfully achieving the Government’s sugar reduction strategies.

Meeting documents

Slides - Victoria Targett - Public Health England (May 2018) (181k)

Slides - Liam Trow - Burton's Biscuit Company (May 2018) (548k)

PHE Sugar Reduction Campaign Progress Report (950k)

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