Dietary recommendations on red meat consumption

In 1998 the Committee on Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition Policy (COMA) recommended that high consumers of red and processed meat should consider reducing their intakes because of possible links with a risk of colorectal cancer. However, since red and processed meat are also good sources of iron in the UK diet, COMA recommended that the possible adverse nutritional implications of a reduction in red and processed meat intakes should be assessed. The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has been assessing this issue and produced a report, Iron and Health, in February 2011. This report considers the potential adverse effects of both low iron intake and excess. As well as considering the implications of a reduction in meat consumption on the iron status of the UK population, the report also examines associations between red and processed meat and cancer risk. This meeting provided an opportunity to be briefed on the report by the Chairman of the Working Group on Iron, Professor Peter Aggett, and to hear responses to the report from Dr Alison Tedstone of the Department of Health and Maureen Strong of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

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