Obesity policy in England

The Forum (FHF) held its last virtual meeting before the Parliamentary summer recess on 20 July, when it discussed Government action on obesity, including how policy governing children’s first 1000 days could be improved and the interaction of public health and international trade policy. The guest speakers were Dolly Theis, a PhD student at Cambridge University; Dr Vicky Sibson, Interim Director of the First Steps Nutrition Trust; and Orla Delargy, Head of Public Affairs at Sustain.

Meeting documents

Dolly Theis - July 2021 (1,513k)

Dr Vicky Sibson - 20 July 2021 (309k)

Orla Delargy - 20 July 2021 (1,077k)

FHF Report - Tackling Obesity (20 July 2021) (131k)

Archived meeting documents