Changing dietary needs as we age

This meeting saw the return of FHF members to the UK Parliament, where we discussed changing dietary needs as we age. Our speakers at this meeting were: Professor Alexandra Johnstone, University of Aberdeen; Dr Sorrel Burden, University of Manchester; and Dr Miriam Clegg, University of Reading.


Professor Johnstone began by broadly outlining how our dietary needs change as we age, with emphasis on appetite and obesity, after which Dr Burden presented brand new research on malnutrition (undernutrition) in over 50s. Finally, Dr Clegg outlined the steps we can take to ensure we are eating a healthy diet as we age and discussed the work of the Food4Years Network.

Meeting documents

FHF Report - Changing dietary needs as we age (May 2022) (114k)

FHF slides - Prof Johnstone (1,640k)

FHF slides - Dr Clegg (705k)

Archived meeting documents